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Hidden Braces

Hidden braces have been developed to make your treatment more discreet and aesthetic. Hidden braces are a great choice for adults or teens that wish to minimize the appearance of metal braces.

With FREE CONSULTATIONS and INTEREST FREE PAYMENT PLANS, getting the smile you want with hidden braces is simple. Book your appointment online and find out how easy it is to get the smile you dreamed of.

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General Information

Hidden braces, also known as lingual braces, are placed behind your teeth. While on your teeth, nobody will know or guess that you are wearing them. The only way your friends can know about your braces is when you tell them. They still will find it hard to believe, but once you show them, their response will be nothing but WOW! 

For the best adaptation and maximum invisibility these braces are custom made for each one of your teeth. Even the wires are 100% custom made. They are pre-shaped and bent to guide your teeth to their final position. These braces are smaller than regular braces and are nicely polished for the comfort of your tongue. 

If you have always wanted a beautiful smile and are not comfortable wearing regular braces or Invisalign for social reasons, hidden braces are a great option for you. We are one of the few offices that offer them. Ask Dr. Amin Movahhedian or Dr. Hamed Vaziri on your free consultation visit to find out if you are a good candidate for hidden braces. 



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Hidden vs. regular braces


  • Completely invisible
  • Compatible with any kind of sport
  • Great option for patients with social concerns
  • Very hygienic and easy to clean
  • Resist chewing forces better and do not pop off easily while eating
  • Minimal emergency visits


  • Longer manufacturing process
  • Cost
  • Adaptation will be more on the tongue than the lips
  • Lisping for the first few days following their placement

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Incognito vs. Harmony

There are two types of hidden braces currently available in orthodontics. Incognito and Harmony

  • Consist of three parts: Pads that bond to the teeth. Braces that are welded on the pads and wires. 
  • Custom made pads that bond to the teeth.
  • Computerized custom made wires for each person.
  • Completely hidden.
  • Made by CAD/CAM Technology, Computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing.


  • Custom made pads and braces
  • Less bulky 
  • More comfortable
  • Requires color bands to hold the wire, similar to regular braces
  • Made of gold alloy.
  • Manufactured by 3M company


  • Custom made pads but prefabricated braces on the pads.
  • Do not require colors to hold the wire.
  • Made of stainless steel alloy.
  • Manufactured by American Orthodontics Company. 
  • Please refer to our page about Braces to read more about self-ligation and regular braces.

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  • Treatment with hidden braces does not take longer than regular braces.
  • There is no age limit for Hidden braces.
  • We are able to improve a majority of the smiles by utilizing Hidden braces. However for complex treatments such as Surgical Orthodontics we might consider other methods of treatment.
  • Only a few orthodontists are certified to provide the Hidden braces. 
  • In 1980 hidden braces were introduced for the first time but they weren’t custom made until 2004. They were patented in 2010. 

The following explains different stages of treatment with hidden braces. If you want to know more about each appointment at AvA Orthodontics please check our page about Your Visits.

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Treatment Planning

Like any kind of treatment the first step is planning. As they say “If you don’t know where you are going then it doesn’t matter which road you take.” By studying your models, x-rays and a detailed analysis of your smile, Dr. Amin and Dr. Vaziri will make a thorough treatment plan that is tailored specifically based on your needs and expectations. He wants you to be involved as much as possible during this phase. At the end of the day, it is your smile!

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Design & Fabrication

  1. A set of precise impressions is required to register the exact anatomy of your teeth. Hidden braces are totally custom made. There is no room for errors. 
  2. We will send them to the manufacturer to make the exact digital replica of your teeth.
  3. Dr. Amin and Dr. Vaziri utilize state of the art computer technology to choose the bracket type, size and the wire sequence that suits your needs.
  4. Using CAD/CAM technology and high end rapid prototyping machines the hidden custom made braces will be manufactured for you.  
  5. Series of pre-bent wires are also fabricated by an advanced robotic system.

Active treatment

  • Your active tooth movement starts once the braces are placed behind your teeth.
  • Your follow up visits will be similar to the regular braces. Find out more information about your visits.
  • For more information on how to take care of your hidden braces please visit Life with Braces.   
  • This phase ends upon removal of your braces.
  • Although the hidden braces are behind your teeth; they are still easy to remove. 
  • We do have specifically designed instruments just for hidden braces to make this experience as pleasant as possible for you.

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  • You will receive retainers to maintain your beautiful smile.
  • Read more about types of retainer and instruction on how to take care of them.
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We look forward to being a part of your wonderful, life-changing experience.

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