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General Information

It is a series of clear trays, or “aligners”, that are custom made to gradually move and align your teeth. The following is a simple example of how we are able to move your teeth by utilizing Invisalign aligners:

If we only need 3 sets of aligners to move your teeth into their final position, the stages of your treatment will be as below in the video: 


  1. By using the first aligner, we move your teeth from point A to B. 
  2. The second aligner is more fit than the first one.
  3. By using the second aligner, we move your teeth from point B to C. 
  4. The third aligner is more fit than the second one.
  5. By using the third aligner, we move your teeth from point C to D. 

In order to achieve the desired movement we need to place a few small bumps on some of your teeth, as shown in the picture below in gray. They are very small and made of tooth colored material, the same material that a family dentist uses to fill a cavity. We place and bond them to your teeth and remove them at the end of your treatment. When placed, they perfectly match the color of your teeth. Only here, in order to see them, we changed their color to grey.  

Think of the attachment as a steering wheel of a car. We utilize your aligners to apply pressure on different sides of the “steering wheel” in order to move your teeth into their desired position.

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  • There is no age limit for Invisalign.
  • Treatment with Invisalign does not take longer than with regular braces.
  • Invisalign is not necessarily more expensive than braces. Please refer to FinancialInsurance Info
  • We are able to improve a majority of smiles by utilizing Invisalign. However for complex treatments such as Surgical Orthodontics we might consider other methods of treatment. 
  • There are only 41,000 active Invisalign doctors worldwide.
  • Invisalign system is offered in 45 countries.
  • More than 1.5 million people have been treated with Invisalign.
  • Invisalign aligners are made by a company called Align Technology
  • The company was founded by two engineers in 1997.
  • The headquarters are in San Jose, California. 

The following video is information about the manufacturing process of Invisalign.

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Orthodontist vs. Dentist 

Align Technology only manufactures your aligners. You need an expert to guide them during this process with a full understanding of your needs and expectations and a solid plan for your treatment. Your orthodontist has 2-3 years of extensive training in this field which makes them the most qualified to provide the treatment that serves all of your needs and give you your dream smile. Read more about Dr. Amin MovahhedianDr. Hamed Vaziri and what sets AvA Orthodontics apart.

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Invisalign vs. Braces



  • Your compliance is the key. If you don’t wear it as instructed it won’t be as effective.
  • Some teeth will have attachments on the lip surface. 

If you don't like to have some atachments on your teeth and you are seeking the most cosmetic treatment currently available in orthodontics, consider Hidden Braces

The following explains different stages of your Invisalign treatment. If you want to know more about each appointment at AvA Orthodontics please check our page about Your Visits.

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Treatment Planning

After a complete and detailed analysis of your smile; Dr. Amin and Dr. Vaziri will present his suggested treatment plan to you and tailors it based on your expectations. Upon your approval, you will learn more about 

  • Each step of your treatment. 
  • Length of your treatment.
  • Number of aligners.

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  • A set of precise impressions is key for the fit of your aligners. 
  • We send your impressions to Align technology. 
  • The company digitizes your impressions and sends it back to us via a secure cloud based system.
  • Dr. Amin and Dr. Vaziri utilize state of the art computer technology to visually move your teeth in their final position and to design your attachments.
  • Once achieving the proper outcome, we will request manufacturing of your custom aligners.

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Active treatment

  • Your active tooth movement starts by wearing the first set of aligners. Check Life with Invisalign for more instructions on wearing and cleaning your aligners. 
  • Depending on your treatment needs, attachments will be placed at different visits.
  • We will monitor the progress of your treatment to make sure your teeth move according to our detailed plan.
  • If your teeth move as planned, you will receive a few more sets of your aligners.
  • Your follow up visits can be anywhere between 4-12 weeks. 
  • Some modification or fine tuning might be required during or at the end of your treatment to make sure that you are completely happy with your smile. 
  • This slight modification may include adding a few more sets of aligners or use of some additional accessories. 

To find out more about what to expect for quality of your treatment, check our Collection of Before & After Photos.

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  • All of the attachments will be removed.
  • You will receive your retainers to maintain your beautiful smile.
  • Read more about types of retainer and instruction on how to use them. 

We look forward to being a part of your wonderful, life-changing experience.

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